"Grey" and "Sycophant" on Bandcamp

We just added our first album "Grey" to Bandcamp.
Download it in high quality FLAC or mp3 for as little as 3.50 euros.


"Sycophant" in high quality FLAC or MP3, starting at 5.50 euros
"Grey" in high quality FLAC or MP3, starting at 3.50 euros.

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D.O.T.T on Bandcamp

You can now listen and buy "Sycophant" on Bandcamp!


Thanks for you support!

Label, new release and other news

After almost a year of discussions with several labels, we have decided to release our new album "Sycophant" ourselves.

"Sycophant" is ready since almost two years and we really didn't see the point on waiting more for its release.
It will first be a digital release (Itunes, Amazon, Deezer etc...), then probably a limited edition digipack release and hopefully on vinyl.

Thanks to everyone who supported us along the years and if you want to help us even more, buy our album from Itunes or whatever digital store (check out our Store page) and "like" us on facebook : http://www.facebook.com/dwellersofthetwilight

Thanks again!


New website

New website up and running.